Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management

Increase your visibility over your fleet of vehicles by tracking them live. By using our solution, you can remain in the know of your fleet’s activities with live updates on your vehicles’ location and how each vehicle is being utilized. Such details provided by our vehicle trackers including vehicle’s driving speed, distance travelled, fuel consumption and its present location. Our solution will also give out alerts whenever there are any discrepancies in the status of your vehicles so as to help you manage your fleet better. You will be able to increase fleet utilization and increase overall efficiency and encourage productivity.

 The solution can also be integrated with our electronic seals to monitor the security of your fleet’s fuel valves and other valuable cargo. This solution will also help you increase security and accountability along routes through geo-fences where you can detect entry or exit into pre-defined areas. They can be further used to mark out your preferred routes for the movement of your vehicles.

 You can also easily create an electronic audit trial of your fleet’s movement history since asset data is reported through a user friendly event log. Our built-in interactive map display will further help you visualize the location of your vehicles.

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