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Borderless Hub is a provider of Global M2M Data SIMs, IoT hardware devices and solutions. With over 600 global roaming partners in over 180 countries worldwide, Borderless Hub provides a global multi-network open roaming M2M SIM solution that is competitively priced to eliminate every possible point of failure for your IoT devices.

Our IoT devices have been selected from a list of reputable hardware manufacturers and tested to work well with our M2M Data SIMs to provide efficient data transfer with low data usage and thus minimizing the operating cost of deploying M2M solutions.

Choose from a wide range of off the shelf IoT hardware for personal, asset and vehicle tracking, GSM-based sensors for monitoring and remote control, electronic security as well other telemetry devices or talk to us about a customized hardware solution for your specific applications.

We can provide a total end-to-end solution from the data connectivity, hardware devices with tracking and sensor platform for various telemetry applications.

Borderless M2M Data SIMs

Global Network Coverage

Over 600 Global Roaming Operator Agreements in over 180 countries worldwide using open roaming data SIMs that are designed to reduce risk of failure. Our secure M2M network has been designed with geo-redundant and highly resilient network architecture over Global Roaming Exchange (GRX) Cloud infrastructure.

Multi-network connectivity

Free hopping between all networks available in a particular country. If a network goes down or a signal cannot be obtained from one network, it will automatically switch to the next strongest signal from any one of other networks in the country. This means that the IoT devices should never lose signal and have close to 100% coverage within the country.

Extra Security Options

Complete range of M2M SIM connectivity services including Fixed Public IP, Fixed Private IP, Private APN and IP Sec VPN for your IoT devices to be connected over a fully managed, highly secured network to your Data Centres. IP address restrictions on the M2M SIMs protects against fraudulent usage on the SIM cards.

USSD Short Code Support

Supports 2-way USSD short code messaging in over 180 countries worldwide for a fixed price per message. USSD uses non-IP connectivity to the platform which means the IoT devices are not accessible easily over the public Internet. USSD is also low power and can work in areas with extremely poor signal coverage.

M2M Management Platform

The M2M SIM Network Management IoT Platform allows fully control over the inventory of M2M SIMs from real time provisioning, suspension and terminations and viewing usage consumption. APIs are provided for integration to 3rd party applications.

Cost Effective

Cost effective solution for large number of IoT devices requiring small amount of data. No long term contract. SIMs can be activated and deactivated on monthly basis without contract.

M2M Applications

Credit Card/POS Terminals

Major financial institutions and merchant service providers use our M2M SIMs on their wireless Credit Card and Point of Sale (POS) terminals with a highly secured private APN network and/or restricted APN to specific IP addresses to minimize fraudulent usage. The terminals also benefit from better coverage utilizing multiple network providers in the country.

Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management

Our vehicle tracking devices use an efficient data protocol with intelligent adaptive location update algorithms to reduce data usage without compromising the accuracy of the device. Fleet management providers will benefit from lower operational costs with better coverage especially in cross-border tracking solutions.

Remote Equipment Management

Equipment manufacturers and providers for vending machines, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and lift monitoring devices are bootstrapping their equipment with our embedded M2M SIMs. Utilizing our Fixed Private IP over VPN service, the data connectivity activated on demand to provide highly secured 2-way communications for remote diagnostics, management, monitoring and firmware upgrade.

Asset Lost & Recovery

These smart devices provide passive monitoring during normal operations and can be triggered for recovery with real time tracking when the high value assets are lost or stolen. As the devices utilizes very low data consumption during normal usage, our M2M SIMs are bundled with an annual data plan to cater for recovery usage.

GSM-based Smart Sensors

GSM-based smart sensors for security, environmental and health monitoring can be embedded with M2M SIMs to provide highly secured non IP-based USSD 2-way messaging anywhere in the world. The smart sensors include smart sockets for monitoring power failures and remote control of the relay switches, temperature and humidity sensors, as well as other environmental sensors.

Trackers for Kids, Pets and Personal Assets

Using BLE technology, these intelligent trackers can easily determine that the pets/kids/assets are within the safety of the house, parents or owners. These trackers have longer battery life with lower data usage.





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