Chain of Custody & Urban Logistics


“Urban Logistics” for chain of custody and track & trace

U*LOG using ATLAS™ was inspired by our electronic cargo tracking iSPOT platform whereby assets can be locked and tracked. However, the U*LOG is designed as a lightweight urban solution for last mile delivery of roller cages to malls, valuable packages for clients and the securing of urban utility assets rather than long cross border journeys.

Running off both a web-based and mobile app component, clients are able to tap on its many functionalities such as chain of custody transfer, live bidding for logistics and tamper alerts. Using a multi-tenant system, multiple logins for companies, clients and individuals can be used to manage different phases of the chain of custody.


The U*LOCK has an adjustable live fibre core cable allowing users to lock many different types of conveyances. The U*LOCK has a long battery life of up to 5 years giving users a hassle- free solution that doesn’t require charging.

Once locked and armed, the U*LOCK will begin live tracking via the smart phone of the individual responsible for the consignment. The device and consignment can be easily transferred to the next authorised individual until it reaches the final consignee for disarming and proof of delivery. If there is an unauthorised opening, a tamper alert will be recorded.