Non-Motorized Asset Tracking


“Active RFID, Low cost & long battery life, Air cargo-ready, and Smartphone & sensor-ready tag” for Non-Motorised Asset, Human & Urban Tracking

ATLAS™ is a powerful lightweight solution that has many different track & trace and chain of custody applications. Tapping on the massive processing power of our modern smart phones, ATLAS™ can begin live tracking of a multitude inanimate and animate subjects with ease without a built-in GPS.

The base ATLAS™ technology is put into different form factors to conform to client needs in various environments. Due to the long battery life, it becomes a cheap and viable solution as compared to GPS tracking which drains battery rapidly.

By having the Ascent app downloaded and running in the background, every ATLAS™ tag within a 30m vicinity can be heard making it possible to build in meaningful workflow to enhance operational efficiency for clients.


“Non-Motorised Asset Tracking Solution” for tracking of equipment & assets

NOMATS using ATLAS™ helps clients achieve quick and easy chain of custody and visibility in their operations. NOMATS is managed via web and mobile app allowing for a multi-tenant system where admin and personnel have different logins to perform different actions.

Work orders, chain of custody, proof of delivery and track & trace can all be done electronically via mobile app removing manual methods of deploying or managing assets.

A successful use case can be found at Changi airport in Singapore whereby NOMATS assisted a ground handling company to track their valuable pallet dollies and other equipment allowing for better delivery and returns of these assets.