Electronic Cargo Tracking


“Integrated Security Portal” for Electronic Cargo Tracking and Fleet Management

iSPOT® is a well trusted patented solution perfect for ensuring the security and visibility of containers, trucks and other assets in transit at all times. In high risk environments where cargo is prone to pilferage and theft, our solution is capable of empowering our clients to receive real-time alerts when cargo is tampered.

With the rise of new threats to cargo security, it becomes increasingly vital for companies to deploy electronic cargo tracking solutions to increase security and efficiency in their logistics operations. By partnering Ascent, this becomes easy to implement due to our deep domain knowledge in this area.

Our solution also caters for fleet management for those clients looking for one single set of hardware and software to achieve both cargo and fleet security.

Our iSPOT® solution was awarded a certificate of merit by the WCO for supporting the Coordinated Border Management initiative by Thai customs. In addition, iSPOT® is the preferred solution for electronic cargo tracking in Kenya, and Tanzania where Customs have accredited a few solutions for shippers to select.